Who is Scott Mathison?
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Jun 28, 2018

Get to know @Performix Athlete,Scott Mathison and hear a little bit about his story of moving to Southern California and being introduced to the Calisthenics community... which in Los Angeles is simply a way of life!

In this interview, Scott relives his first trip down to the bars at Santa Monica Muscle Beach, talks La Fit Expo - Battle of the Bars, explains how his IG started, and shares his foresight into the growth of calisthenics as a sport.

Hear first hand about what 'Bar Strength' is and how creating his own brand became a realty.

Be sure to catch Scott at the gym, beach, or anywhere that involves gains! You can also follow him at @scott_mathison_ & @barstrength

Video filmed and edited by: Andrew @muscle_up_jarvis