LAPD and Tatted Strength go head to head

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Nov 29, 2018

Tatted Strength brining a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Working with the Police".

Recently Chris Luera was on his way home from training with clients and he was pulled over by LAPD Officer Gonzalez. What Chris thought would be a routine stop, was anything but that.

Because of Chris' legal records and Physical appearance, he is often pulled over and questioned by Police, that day was different.

As Officer Gonzalez approached Luera's car he said, "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?" "Of course" Chris said, expecting to soon be removed from the car and searched like usual, he then was greeted in a much different way. Officer Gonzalez proceeded to say, "You're Tatted Strength aren't you?".. The rest is history.

Now Chris and Officer Gonzalez have had the chance to meet a second time and connect on a human to human level. Sharing various stories of their pasts and having a lot more in common than anyone would believe. Officer Gonzalez joined not only Chris, but fellow WCO Elite Coaches Andrew "MuscleUp" Jarvis and Justin Garcia aka JustinShape and Brendan Cosso President and CEO of the World Calisthenics Organization® at the World Famous Metro Flex gym in Long Beach, CA.

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Officer Gonzalez

Chris Luera

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