Battle of the Bars 29 at Body Power Expo - UK Main Event - Daniels Vs. Alexey

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Jun 28, 2018

Hold onto your seats as you experience this EPIC Battle of the Bars Main Event! Watch Alexey Kobyakov take on the World Famous Daniels Laizans in a head to head battle for 3 rounds! Battle of the Bars has been compared to a combination of MMA structure, gymnastic and calisthenics moves, all done with a bboy style attitude! BOTB brings intense exciting energy to various fitness conventions in the United States, Mexico, Dubai, United Kingdom, Poland, Bahrain, and more!

Pro Athletes: @daniels_laizans & @alexey_kobyakov

Edited by: Andrew @muscle_up_jarvis

Filmed by: @ejayink, @smallspartan_barsparta & @gstarkash