Battle of the Bars 28 - The Whole Philly Cheese Steak

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Jun 28, 2018

Battle of the Bars - The Whole Philly Cheese Steak

Embark on a Calisthenics journey as the WCO team travels to Philadelphia! Take a closer look into the trip and set up as they prepare for The Battle of the Bars(R) weekend. Experience the Infamous Pre-Battle community freestyle session, hear interviews from special guests, and watch athletes battle it out in an Epic 8 man tournament for a $2,000 cash prize!

Filmed by: @austingetzit

Edited by: @muscle_up_jarvis

Special Guests: @edbarstarzz, @massy.arias, @demibagby, @nevschulman, @rosedinuccio, @skylarwithana

Athletes: @calisthenixpro, @barcrazy_bolo, @achilles2.0_, @primetime2223, @johnoslager, @barcrazy_tone, @breezybarcrazy, @cade_hardin25

WCO Staff: @battle_of_the_bars, @tatted_strength, @muscle_up_jarvis, @marceloortiz_